Insect Trap, Indoor, Plug-In, White

Dynatrap Dot

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Dynatrap dot, white, insect trap, plug in, indoor use only, no pesticides, odor free, rotating plug, easily fits any outlet, attracts insects with uv atraktaglo technology, safe, silent, simple & compact, equipped with 2 led & 2 uv led atraktaglo lights, designed to attract a variety of household insects including fruit flies, house flies, moths, mosquitoes, & much more, insects will be captured on the back of the attractive sticky tech glue card, where they are concealed from sight, replace glue card after it is covered with insects, led bulb rated for approximately 20,000 hours of continuous operation, replace sticky glue cards every 21-30 days, easy installation, provides up to 400 sqft of coverage, 30 day warranty.

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