Side By Side Cooling – Freeze Dried Raw Duck Patties (12 oz)

Side by Side

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These ready-to-eat Cooling Patties are the perfect complete & balanced meal or a nutritional booster! Great for all dogs, especially those with a warm or neutral constitution. Packed with essential nutrients and food-derived vitamins and minerals, it’s time to supercharge your dog’s bowl with all-natural superfoods!

  • Food Energetics Formulated Diets

  • Customized Diets Based on The Internal Temperature of Each Individual Dog

  • Essential Nutrients Derived from Whole Foods to Maximize Bioavailability

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Easily Rehydrates in Broth or Water.

  • Freeze-dried to lock in Nutrition

  • No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals

  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Extracts

  • Made in the USA


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